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Dear Friends,

Now comes the good and bad news! From the first fundraiser for Insurance for these two events, we have enough left in the account to pay for this year's All Clubs Ride. There is $440. left, and insurance will cost $430 approximately. The cost rose by $100. last fall for ACD. Oh well....But from the initial donations, YOU gave us more events than we first thought possible.

May I ask again for small donations to the Ballacraine Motorcycle Events account?

Suzi Greenway
4340 Cooper Road,
Stockbridge, MI 49285

or you can use paypal through the donate button below.

I appreciate this, and feel awkward asking, but hey, it is for ALL of us really!

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you for these events, and if you want to participate in the May 1 Swap Meet.

 THANKS so very much,


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